Pompe Perspectives: Respiratory Analytix Takes the Stage

In October 2023, Manchester hosted the International Pompe Conference, focusing on the rare genetic disorder causing progressive weakness in the heart, skeletal, and respiratory muscles. Respiratory Analytix was invited to present a comprehensive overview of complex respiratory physiology tests. This case study examines the conference’s key challenges, Nigel Clayton’s solutions, the implementation of his insights, and the tangible results achieved in advancing the understanding and management of respiratory complications in Pompe patients.

Client Profile

  • Client Name: Salford Northern Care Alliance¬†
  • Venue: Pendulum Hotel and Conference Centre, Manchester
  • Delegates: ~25 medical professionals specialising in neurological disorders


The key challenge addressed during the conference was the need for comprehensive insights into the complex respiratory physiology tests available for investigating the gradual weakening of respiratory muscles. Nigel Clayton of Respiratory Analytix was invited to shed light on these tests and their relevance in understanding the path to respiratory failure in Pompe patients.

Pompe Masterclass


An in-depth overview of the available intricate respiratory physiology tests was presented. Nigel Clayton’s presentation aimed to bridge the gap in understanding and application of these tests, offering a solution to the challenge faced by medical professionals in diagnosing and managing respiratory complications in Pompe patients.


Nigel Clayton’s presentation delved into the use of diverse range of available respiratory physiology tests, including complex tests used to assess the strength of the respiratory muscles. Unraveling their methodologies allowed insights into how these tests are applied in the diagnosis and treatment of Pompe disease. The audience also participated in a Q&A session, fostering a collaborative learning environment.

Learning Outcomes

Nigel Clayton’s presentation at the International Pompe Conference provided the audience with the following:

Knowledge Enhancement

Elevated understanding and awareness of respiratory physiology tests used to investigate Pompe disease.

Clinical Mastery

Enhanced proficiency in utilising respiratory physiology tests in clinical practice.

Diagnostic Advancements

Improved methods for diagnosing respiratory complications associated with Pompe.

Disease Management

Advanced methods for managing and treating respiratory challenges and tracking disease progression in Pompe patients.



The International Pompe Conference in Manchester proved to be a pivotal platform for addressing the challenges posed by Pompe, particularly in the realm of respiratory complications. Respiratory Analytix’s contribution played a crucial role in advancing the collective understanding of respiratory physiology tests, empowering medical professionals to make informed decisions in the treatment and care of Pompe patients. The conference served as a catalyst for future collaborations and advancements in the field, underscoring the importance of continued knowledge-sharing in this rare disease community.


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