Our testimonials highlight the quality and effectiveness of our training programmes, especially the practical benefits of our respiratory education in the professional development of our participants.

Rachael Ashton, Nurse, Southbrook Surgery

“I found the course well led, informative and educational. I was a complete novice with regards to spirometry, and now feel the course has given me enough theoretical and practical information to consolidate my learning and complete accreditation.”

“Extremely helpful and educational sessions. This has helped greatly with my development to go onto performing spirometry in practice.”
Natasha Baker
Nurse, Beech House Medical Practice
“The course helped me to reinforce and remind me of useful elements such as the use of Z scores.”
Maria Turner
Nurse, Marple Medical Practice
“Thank you very much. I found this two-day course very informative. This has definitely assisted in improving my practice.”
Katherine Arrowsmith
Chief Nurse, Bolton GP Federation
“Well thought out course; I felt like I knew what I was doing after the two days.”
Natalie McWilliams
ANP, Heaton Medical Centre
“Very professional and such great team work. It really helped me further my knowledge. The trainers were very approachable and happy to spend as much time needed explaining things. Thank you very much.”
Jacinta Yates
Nurse, Great Lever Practice
“Very good course with detailed information on spirometry. Friendly and approachable course teachers.”
Shaheen Ali
Nurse, Sidda Family Practice

Confidence in Every Breath

Our unwavering commitment to delivering quality and effective training ensures that healthcare professionals gain the expertise they need to perform spirometry and interpret results with precision. By equipping our participants with the knowledge and skills required, we empower them to approach respiratory assessments with confidence, ultimately leading to better patient care and outcomes. With Respiratory Analytix, you can breathe easy, knowing that you’re receiving the highest standard of training in the field.


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