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Respiratory Analytix is led by Nigel Clayton, a stalwart in the field of respiratory physiology with over 40 years of experience. 

Nigel Clayton

“At Respiratory Analytix, our journey is fueled by a sincere commitment to elevate standards in respiratory health. We firmly believe in providing nothing but the best for every individual’s respiratory well-being. Our mission revolves around empowering healthcare professionals with the expertise to deliver unparalleled respiratory care. By doing so, we contribute to healthier and happier patients. This unwavering dedication is what propels us forward each day.”

Track Record

Nigel’s track record exemplifies a wealth of expertise and accomplishments, and his career has been defined by an illustrious tenure of well over four decades in Respiratory Physiology. With a proven history of leadership and impactful contributions to the field, Nigel stands as a trailblazer in advancing our understanding of respiratory health and enhancing the quality of care provided to individuals worldwide.

  • Over four decades of expertise in Respiratory Physiology, including 35 years overseeing the Respiratory Physiology department at Wythenshawe Hospital’s Northwest Lung Centre.
  • Respiratory technical assessor on behalf of the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS).
  • Respiratory Clinical Tutor for BSc and MSc courses in Respiratory Clinical Physiology at Manchester Metropolitan University. This role involved curriculum design, lectures, examination setting, and clinical placements supervision, since 1981.
  • Recognition by the European Respiratory Society as a registered spirometry trainer from 2012.
  • Examiner and facilitator for ARTP spirometry and professional body exams since 1998.
  • Independent expert for pharmaceutical companies, offering spirometry and lung function training to sites in international drug studies. Nigel provides invaluable pre-study data analysis, expert over-reading of lung function data, and on-site and remote training in numerous countries worldwide.
  • Chair for ARTP manufacturers’ liaison from 1998 to 2018 and deputy chair for UK standards in Respiratory Physiology from 2014 to 2018.
  • Registration with the Registration Council for Clinical Physiology.
  • Extensive published work (see below).


Nigel’s multifaceted contributions underscore his status as a respected authority, shaping the future of respiratory care and education.

Decades of Expertise

Including managing Respiratory Physiology departments and teaching at reputable universities.

International Recognition

Recognised by the European Respiratory Society and the Association for Respiratory Technology and Physiology.

Industry Publications

Contributed to prestigious journals, including the European Respiratory Journal and Chronic Respiratory Disease.

Unmatched Track Record

Proven track record in delivering ARTP-accredited spirometry training and examinations over 15 years.

Media Appearances

Nigel’s contributions to respiratory physiology have led to appearances on several television programmes, including Tonight With Trevor McDonald and Channel 4 News. These platforms have enabled him to share his insights and knowledge, making complex respiratory topics accessible to a broader audience.

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